Our weight management programmes are different to what you will have experienced before because we are the experts at discovering what is going on with you!

If you really wanted to lose weight - you would!

So if it is not happening (and this is particularly true for those who have tried so many times to lose weight and have still not achieved it, or have lost the weight only to put it back on again, or just can't seem to find the motivation to start) it is simply because

You don't want to!

There is a reason you don't want to and whatever it is lies in your subconscious mind which means you are not even aware of it!

The Weight is Over workshops help you find out what that is.  We help resolve it and as a result you really, really will want to lose weight and you will be unstoppable!



Thursday 23rd February 2012 6 pm - 8 pm Tiger Tiger in Leeds price £10.00 - If you really wanted to lose weight - you would!

Saturday 12 May 2012 10 am - 4 pm Bewleys Hotel in Leeds price £139.00 - Permanently end your struggles with food!

Book your places now hello@weightisover.co.uk

One to one weight coaching sessions available please contact us for more details.

Exclusive Weight Loss Club please contact us for more details.

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