Weight is Over proven ways to lose weight fast, change eating habits and get results

 A team of weight loss coaches are here to help you devise your individual eating plan and exercise routine, with no eating restrictions. Below is a nice picture of a very slim girl running - if you don't want to run, you don't have to!

 We don't have any products to sell, no supplements, no nutritionalist advice.  We work with people who know what they should do to lose weight (ie eat the right amount of calories, exercise more) but for some reason they are not motivated to do it.  We will help you find your motivation!

Help with weight loss

Understanding what lies in your subconcious with the ability to influence it is vital if you want to be effective at losing weight and stop food controlling your life.


Statistics show that 90% of diets fail.  This is because they ignore the way we are conditioned to eat in certain situations.  So diets require constant willpower to maintain and at some point the compulsive need to eat takes over the willpower and the diet stops.

Our valuable seminars help you see the underlying psychological principles behind eating habits and your relationship to food.  For more information contact us here.

Evening Seminar - If you really wanted to Lose Weight - You Would!

Thursday 23rd February 2012 6 pm - 8 pmTiger Tiger Leeds - Price £10.00

The material in this evening seminar is an introduction, for you to discover what is really going on with you and for you to find the easy way to lose weight that is right for you.  To book your places please email hello@weightisover.co.uk

Daytime Seminar - Permanently end your struggles with food!

Saturday 12 May 2012 10 am - 4 pm Bewleys Hotel Leeds - Price £139.00

By the end of the session you will understand the true meaning of weight management, know how to permanently end your struggles with food and learn how to take control of other areas of your life.  To book your places please email hello@weightisover.co.uk

, Leeds | 07714 660464

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